How to fix the laptop cooling pad issue

The problem?

The Asus Rogue laptop is too heavy for the pad to move, according to our reader “G.


Asus has issued a statement to Gizmodo to say that the laptop has been inspected and that the cooling pad was found to be defective.

“A small defect was identified during inspection,” Asus said.

“The defect is the pad does not properly engage with the heat source.

The defect has been fixed and the laptop is now ready for shipping.”

However, “G.” points out that there’s a problem with the laptop itself: “The heat pad does have a small issue and it doesn’t sit in the same spot as the rest of the laptop,” he writes.

“So the laptop actually sits too low to move when it’s on a desk or in the lap.”

Asus has been quick to fix this issue, too, offering a new model that sits in the exact same position, but it’s not the only issue: the pad is not completely sealed against the heat and can be moved around a bit, and it does get a little hot under normal usage.

“In the future we hope to provide a solution to this issue that will allow the laptop to function more smoothly and safely,” Asus told Giz at the time.

“However, until then we are working to provide additional cooling pads that can be installed into the laptop’s mounting points to reduce the chance of this happening again.”

It’s unclear if Asus will provide any additional cooling to the affected laptop.