Dell laptops sold for $10.9 million: Report

The laptops that were sold for nearly $10 million in a New York auction have been sold, according to a report from CBS News.

The Dell laptops in question are sold at the New York State Lottery, and are listed for $9,999,995.

The laptops have been listed on the auction house’s website for $12,959,495.

The auction house says they are in excellent condition, and they are the largest of their kind.

The bid price was $11,998,750, and was made Monday by a bidder with a high bid.

The winning bid was $8,999.99.

The laptops are being offered by a third party seller, according the auction site.

The lot was sold in the same way that lots are sold, by an individual buyer, and the winning bidder is not affiliated with the Lottery.

The first laptop is believed to have been built in 2001.

The second laptop is rumored to have arrived in 2004.

The third laptop is the latest iteration of the laptop, which was built in 2006.

The third laptop has a 7-inch screen.