Why Apple is now buying up Android and tablets in huge numbers

The mobile operating system has surged to new heights in recent months as smartphone and tablet makers such as Apple, Samsung and Amazon gear up to become the world’s largest players in the consumer electronics market.

In the last two years, the iPhone, iPad and Kindle have all seen record sales, with Apple making record profits and Amazon and Samsung making record profit margins.

The iPad Pro is now selling at $1,499.

Apple also has a sizable market share and is growing rapidly, but its sales have fallen in the past year.

The market has shifted dramatically from the first half of the year, when sales of smartphones were growing, to the first two months of the next year, according to industry data compiled by Bloomberg.

The surge in smartphone sales came after Microsoft and Google announced major new products and platforms.

Sales of tablet PCs have also been booming.

The latest data from IDC, a research firm, shows that the market for tablet PCs grew by 5 percent in the fourth quarter from a year earlier.

Apple’s success in the smartphone market may not have hurt it.

The iPhone maker has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of smartphone manufacturers’ efforts to push their devices on to the masses.

The company has sold more than a million iPhones in the last four years, making it one of America’s largest smartphone makers.

And Apple has been able to squeeze more of the smartphone and tablets into its own portfolio with its own devices.

But it has also benefited from an influx of tablet computers from Amazon, Samsung, Google and other manufacturers.

The devices are sold with the hope that they will lure customers away from Apple and other traditional smartphone makers, which have been trying to attract consumers with premium hardware.

“We see the tablets as a gateway product for the growth of Apple,” said David Wessel, an analyst with Jefferies.

“We are going to see a very strong return on the investment of these new devices, but also for Apple.”

Apple is also now the world champion of smartphones.

The market for tablets is likely to remain small until at least 2021, said Chris Mier, an IDC analyst.

Apple sold 3.4 million iPhones and 1.7 million iPads in the quarter ended June 30, according with IDC.

Its market share in smartphones was down slightly, to 22.2 percent from 23.7 percent a year ago.

Samsung sold 1.9 million iPhones, down from 1.99 million.

Google’s Android-based Android tablet division is expected to take a bigger hit in the coming months.

Samsung has recently pulled its Android-powered Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Tab 8.0 devices from the U.S. market and other countries.

Amazon and Apple’s Android tablet brands have been growing steadily in recent years.

Apple’s iPad Pro and iPhone 6 are expected to continue selling well until 2021.