‘My mother was a hero’: Canadian woman who served in Afghanistan remembers ‘lucky’ soldier

Posted May 03, 2018 09:56:49 A Canadian soldier who served with the Royal Canadian Regiment in Afghanistan has posted a message on Facebook that he will never forget.

Sgt. Stephen Brouillette, 26, of St. Catharines, Ont., posted the message on Friday, two days after returning from Afghanistan.

He said he was on the front lines of a fight for justice.

Brouillette is survived by his parents and a sister, and his wife, Marie.

The Canadian Forces says it is aware of the post.

BOUILLETTE’S STORY Sgt. Broughtlette said he went to Afghanistan in March, 2013, as part of an expedition into a mountainous region of Afghanistan known as the Kunar Province.

He was part of a Canadian-led team tasked with training local forces and fighting off the Taliban.

Bougille said he returned to Canada in April 2015, where he has lived since, living in Calgary.

Boughtlette’s father, an infantry officer, died in 2011, when he was killed in combat.

Sgt Broughlette was stationed in Afghanistan in 2014, and was wounded twice in the same month.

He’s since recovered from both wounds.

He says his unit was part on a mission to find an al Qaeda commander who had been hiding out in Afghanistan, but his team was shot at and he lost his arm.

Brawllette said a team of Afghan soldiers and police officers who had infiltrated the compound of the al Qaeda leader in Kabul came under fire from Afghan soldiers, and that he was wounded in the leg.

BRAWLLETTE RETURNS IN 2017 He said after three days in Afghanistan his legs began to swell, and he went into surgery for his left leg.

His family says he was in constant pain, and said he’d be out of work for months.

Boulliele said he is recovering from his wounds and is now working with the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan to help them combat the threat posed by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

BOUGHLETTE SAYS HE WAS ON THE FRONT LINE OF A FIGHT FOR JUSTICE Sgt. Steven Broughllette has been on the frontline of the war in Afghanistan since March, and says he has a strong sense of justice for his brother and fellow soldier.

“I can only imagine the pain and suffering that they went through,” he said.

“It’s been almost six years now, and we’re still fighting, and they still have to fight.”

He said his brother was on a team with the other soldiers to find the leader of al Qaeda, and the two were killed when a mortar shell struck the compound.

Sgt Steve Broughleton said he and his fellow soldiers were shot at, and were left to die from their wounds.

“They had no weapons, they had no medical supplies, and it was a pretty horrific experience,” Broughley said.

He added that his brother had an amazing sense of humour.

“When you see a little bit of him, and you look up at the sky, it reminds you of how lucky he was to be alive. “

“You see all of these amazing people and he was just a big part of it.” “

Sgt. Steve Boughleton says his brother went to war in support of the Canadian military. “

You see all of these amazing people and he was just a big part of it.”

Sgt. Steve Boughleton says his brother went to war in support of the Canadian military.

He has since recovered and is working with them to help the military fight the Taliban and al Qaeda in Afghanistan and the region.

Sgt Steven Bougall said his mother, a member of the Royal Regiment of Canada, and sister, Marie, died when they were killed during the fight.

He also lost his leg in the battle.

“My mum was a soldier and my sister was an engineer.

They were the last of our family to go to war.

It was her last year in the military, and she was there to protect me.

I just think of them as heroes,” Bougllt said.