When you don’t want to use your smartphone to read, use a laptop as a reading device

A smart phone can do the job but it’s not as smart as a PC, according to a new study.

The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Bath, analysed the use of a laptop in the UK over the past decade.

The results showed that when it comes to reading, the average user is looking for a laptop that can deliver.

It’s also the case that the average laptop is more likely to be used for work, rather than leisure.

The researchers found that a high end laptop is used by more people and more frequently than a mid-range laptop.

In other words, the more people who use a high-end laptop, the higher their usage rate.

It seems that people want to have a more personal computer, as they want to do more things with it.

But the most important reason for people to switch to a higher-end device is to save money.

The survey found that the cost of buying a laptop had fallen from about $300 to $150 over the last decade.

According to the researchers, the decline in cost was partly due to the fact that a laptop is less expensive to repair and maintain than a tablet.

It also helps that the laptop is quieter.

The researchers suggest that people who want to keep their devices as small as possible might find a smaller laptop to be a more efficient way of doing so.

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