Why HP has gone $30K in the stock market

HP is a big company with lots of cash.

Its shares have risen more than 300% since the company’s 2011 IPO.

But its stock has had trouble making waves in the past year.

Last week, the company said it planned to make a $30 million loss in the second quarter.

That was followed by a $5 million quarterly profit, followed by the $30-million loss that followed the announcement.

The stock’s market value fell from $36 to $30 in the day after the announcement, which is a more than 30% drop from the day before.

That doesn’t mean the stock is worthless.

But it is an extremely volatile stock that may be worth more if it continues to perform well.

What’s the main takeaway?

The big takeaway is that if you’re a long-term investor who likes to wait until you can sell your shares and buy a stock that’s more attractive, HP has a good chance of getting you there.

But don’t expect the stock to take off and become the $50,000-per-share monster that it is currently worth.