How the Walmart refurbished laptop business is killing Apple

Walmart announced a plan on Tuesday to replace some of its refurbished MacBook Pros with Dell laptops.

The move comes just weeks after the company reported that it sold an additional 4.8 million refurbished Apple MacBook Pros in its first quarter.

The new model will be available for $1,199 when it hits stores on April 29, and it’s likely to be the last refurbished model of the $1.99-plus model that Dell launched in July.

It will likely be the most expensive refurbished product Dell has ever launched.

The company also announced that it is also launching a refurbished HP Chromebook in the first quarter, but it will not be the first HP Chromebook to hit shelves.

The company announced a refurbishment of its own earlier this year.

Dell’s MacBook Pro models have always sold at full price, but the company was only able to make its refurbishment program available to those that paid full price for a new laptop.

Walmart was able to sell refurbished models of the MacBook Pros at a discount because the company did not need to sell a full-price product in order to sell them to customers.

“Today, Walmart is giving you an opportunity to get a new computer at a great price and at a price that you can afford,” a Walmart rep told Recode in a statement.

“This is a new way for Walmart to compete with Apple and Amazon and it is an important step in Walmart’s commitment to help our customers save money on everything.”

The new refurbished Dell laptop is expected to be available on April 24.