Why you need to ditch your laptop backgrounds for this year

The future of desktop wallpaper is here.

And with some of the most popular and best looking apps on the market, it’s no surprise you’ll need a bit more screen space.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the top 10 apps that you need in 2018 to make sure your wallpaper doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.


Vivid Color 3D wallpaper This app is a great way to take your wallpaper to the next level.

The colors can be customized with a couple of different effects, and you can even add a few effects to the top and bottom of your wallpaper.

3D graphics aren’t always the best, but this app gives you the ability to create your own color palette.

You can even make your wallpaper look like the cityscape from a sci-fi movie.


Stitch and Paint 3D wallpapers The Stitch 3D Wallpaper app is an easy way to create stunning 3D images on your desktop.

It has all the tools you need, including layer tools and layer effects.

The app also comes with an easy to use layer editor and layer export tools.


Pixi 3D Desktop wallpaper This is a free and open source 3D desktop wallpaper application.

The free version includes the ability for you to make your own 3D image.

It’s great for anyone looking to create their own stunning 3-D desktop wallpapers.


Photoshop for Windows 10 This is one of the fastest, easiest, and most advanced desktop wallpaper apps available.

With an intuitive interface, you can create stunning images with ease.

The program also comes preloaded with a number of tools, including color effects and layers.


Myriad wallpapers You’ll probably want to give this wallpaper a shot, and it’s one of those wallpapers you’ll want to share on Facebook or Twitter.

You’ll be able to use the built-in photo editor to create a unique image.


Glam Wallpaper This is an awesome wallpaper for Windows with a unique theme that’s inspired by movies.

You could even add your own movie titles and the like to your wallpaper!


Grit Wallpaper If you’re looking for a little more variety, you’ll be glad to know this wallpaper has over 80 different color variations.

It features a colorful grid pattern and a variety of effects to make it look like a wallpaper from any movie.


Stomp Wallpaper The Stomp wallpapers from Stomp3D have a classic look and feel.

This is another free, open source wallpaper application with a wide selection of color variations, including a ton of bold colors.


VFXWallpaper VFXwallpaper has a wide array of wallpapers with an eye towards creating a unique look with a variety the different effects you can add to your images.


Colorpicker This free, Android-based wallpaper app will let you create stunning color effects on your Android device.

You won’t need to pay a subscription fee to access the app, but you’ll still have to create an account to use it. 11.

Stylus Wallpaper Stylis is a new Android wallpaper application that has an eye toward creating a stunning image.

With a variety available for you, you could even change your wallpaper color from any of the available backgrounds.


Giphy Wallpaper Gipy is a simple and easy way for you and your family to share your work.

It comes with a large selection of wallpaper and effects, along with an interface that allows you to add your wallpapers to the gallery and share them with your family.


Pixlr Wallpaper Pixlr has a beautiful collection of wall-based photos that you can easily add to any of your wallpaper collections.

The images can be shared and added to any website or app, and the application also lets you edit and delete wallpapers as well.


Themes for Windows One of the easiest ways to create beautiful wallpapers is by using themes.

The best way to make a beautiful wallpaper is to use your favorite wallpaper themes.

We recommend the popular Windows desktop theme, but there are tons of great free and paid themes for Windows as well that can be very useful.


Wallpaper Creator WallpaperCreator is an Android-focused wallpaper app that has a great selection of colorful wallpapers and effects.

You’re able to add the background color to any image or any other part of your image, and if you’re in a mood for some cool wallpaper art, you’re sure to love the wallpapers created by the app.


Gimp Wallpaper We don’t have a lot of free and cheap wallpapers available on Windows, but Gimp offers some really great wallpapers that are great for creating a new look.

The wallpapers are very easy to edit and can be added to other wallpapers, and they also let you edit the colors and add your wallpaper as an add-on to your desktop wallpaper.

17. Pixlr Wall