How to use your Chromebook to stream Netflix

What you need to know about the newest Chromebook laptops.

The Sport is a convertible laptop with a full-size keyboard.

The new convertible Chromebook is powered by a 10th-generation Intel Core i7 processor and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card, and can be equipped with up to a 256GB SSD.

The laptop also has an optional touch-screen display and a USB Type-C port for charging, so you can charge your device when you’re not using it.

We’ve reviewed a lot of Chromebooks, but this is the first Chromebook with an optional touchscreen display.

Read moreThe Sport has a 1080p IPS touchscreen display, and the keyboard is built into the hinge.

You can access apps with the keyboard and the touchpad.

When you’re wearing a mask, you can slide the Sport onto your head, or hold the laptop with your right hand and click the touchscreen to open the lid.

The keyboard is also removable, but the webcam remains attached.

There are two USB Type C ports, and you can use the cable from the keyboard to charge your laptop when you aren’t using it, or charge it while you’re using it and then detach it.

The laptop has a USB-C Type-A connector for charging.

The tablet has a microSD card slot, and both laptops have a USB 3.1 Type-B port.

When it comes to the ports, the Sport has three USB Type A ports, one USB Type B port, one HDMI port, and one SD card reader.

There’s also a headphone jack, microphone, and a mic input for speakers.

The Sport includes a 1080P IPS display, a full HD IPS touchscreen, and an optional Touch Bar.

The Touch Bar uses an aluminum hinge, so it won’t fit over your glasses.

You’ll have to get the Sport to fit over the top of your glasses, or use a rubber band.

There is also a microUSB port on the left side of the keyboard, and there’s a Type-R Type-D Type-F port on top of that.

You can also use the Touch Bar to access apps, but you can’t swipe through tabs, or swipe from the bottom of the screen.

The Type-P connector is a little more flexible than the Type-M connector, but not much.

The display is 1366×768 pixels, and it supports Full HD 1080p resolution.

There was no resolution option, but it’s likely to support Full HD at 1080p at best.

You will be able to see the touch screen at the top and bottom of this screen.

It can also display the Windows Hello bar at the bottom.

The top and back of the notebook are also curved, so they’re not quite as big as the rest of the display.

There were no other differences to the display, including the hinge and speakers.

The Edge Series of Chromebook laptops from Acer, Dell, Lenovo, and Asus are all designed with a matte finish.

The curved edges help reduce glare and keep the notebook from getting dirty.

The back of this notebook has a backlit keyboard and a matte black bezel around the display panel.

It’s also got a fingerprint reader, which works fine for typing, but we didn’t notice it when we tested it.

The Surface Book is another Chromebook that has a matte display, but does not have a fingerprint sensor.

The Chromebook laptops that we’ve reviewed are all made by Acer, and they all come with Intel Core processors, Nvidia GPUs, and RAM.

There may be some differences in specs and configurations between these laptops, but if you’re looking for a Chromebook laptop that’s optimized for streaming Netflix, you should be able and get one of these models.