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A couple of months ago, a team of analysts named for the league’s head of digital marketing, Scott Bair, went on ESPN to declare that “we’re seeing the end of the line” for the NFL’s online business.

Now, Bair says, “it’s not just the NFL anymore.”

He said that there’s “no longer an NFL team, there’s no longer an internet team, and there’s an NFL lockerroom.

Now you’re talking about millions of dollars and thousands of employees.

I don’t know what’s going to happen next, but it’s not a good look.”

On Wednesday, Bairs new team, the digital marketing and social media firm ProBrief, was hired by the NFL.

The job, Bains new job, will allow the company to focus on the “big picture” of how the league wants to build its digital business and ensure that the league has the “strategic vision, resources, and the right people to lead this.”

It will also be the first time that a digital marketing firm has been hired by a professional football team.

The last one was for the Chicago Bears, who hired an executive from the team’s PR firm, the Chicago Media Group.

“We were going to go to [the Bears] PR department, but that was never going to work out,” Bair said.

“Now we can really get into the details.

We’ve got people who understand digital, who understand the social media landscape.

That’s going be the backbone of this business.”

While some in the NFL have already left for other professional sports leagues, Bain says he hopes that other leagues will also join the digital revolution.

“There are a lot of teams that are just getting their heads around it,” he said.

The most successful teams in sports, including the NFL, have a strong digital presence.

But there’s a lot that needs to be done in terms of strategy, marketing, and technology to get this right.

The NFL has a new digital strategy.

How do you turn this into a business model that’s sustainable?

Bair’s new firm is hiring.

What does that look like?

And why did it take the NFL so long to bring in this kind of help?

The NFL is facing a massive task.

Bair has a strong understanding of the digital landscape, which he said will help his new team succeed.

And, Bares new team has already done work on the league team’s social media strategy.

The digital strategy of the NFL is complicated.

While the league is one of the biggest advertisers in the world, it has struggled to connect with its fans.

The league has a long history of being very reluctant to talk about the issues they’re facing in digital, even in interviews with the press.

The NFL is working to build a new approach, Bays new role, which is going to help him make sure that the NFL can succeed.

Bair says that it was the “right time” for his team to hire a digital strategist.

“I think this is the time to take the ball and go,” he told the AP.

“It’s been 15 years.

We’re not the first team to try and figure out how to get around it.

It’s just time to move on.”

This article has been updated to include Bair and the new NFL digital strategy team’s hiring date.