Microsoft announces $400 Xbox One bundle

Microsoft is releasing an Xbox One console bundle that includes an Xbox 360 gaming laptop and a gaming console, the company announced Tuesday.

The $399 Xbox One X, which comes with the Xbox One and Xbox One S, and the $399 console with the built-in Nvidia Shield controller, are available now for pre-order on Microsoft’s Xbox Marketplace, the Xbox gaming platform’s official site.

Microsoft will offer two different bundles of the new Xbox One, with a standalone Xbox One XL for $349 and a bundle with the controller and two Xbox One games and a $499 console with a built-up Nvidia Shield for $399.

Microsoft said it would not make the Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 Pro bundles available to pre-ordered customers.

The company did, however, release an Xbox Live Gold package with two Xbox 360 games and two games for $299.

Microsoft’s Xbox Live gold package includes two games: the original Halo: The Master Chief Collection for $99, and Halo 5: Guardians for $49.

The new Xbox and Xbox Live bundles are not available in Canada, although they do exist in Europe.

Microsoft did not reveal the price of the Xbox Live bundle, but a retailer listing from Canada’s GameStop said it was $299 for a bundle including the Xbox, a new Xbox 360 console, and a new console with built-ins.

Microsoft confirmed that its new Xbox bundle will come in a gray box, but it also confirmed that the console will not be available in a silver box.